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Azul Macaubas, a stone of rare beauty belonging to the quartzite family; These stones are highly appreciated on the market already combining the fascinating colors of marbles with the hardness and resistance of granites. It comes in an uneven color but is marked by blue and blue parallel shades. Ideal especially for interiors, it is used for furniture, flooring, coatings, decorations.


Stone material is a natural product and therefore:

The proposed image is only indicative of color and structure, depending on the light and the frame, the material can assume different shades.

Stone is by nature not uniform. Venatures and creeks make the precious stone.

Each material has different technical characteristics. The directions given are to be considered as indicative but not absolute, always ask our technicians for a professional advice.

Care for cleaning with natural products and in case of resistant stains ask for an expert opinion.

Knowing the placement environment is important. Moisture and stress factors can weaken the stone if not pre-prepared.

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Dimensions 290 × 155 × 2 cm